Improving Nonprofits with Case Management Software

Learn how case management software can drive improvements in your nonprofit organization's operations and impact.

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Case management software makes it easy to track all of your client efforts in one spot.

NAPCO Research conducted a research report on whether or not nonprofits are getting the most out of their case management software and solutions. The research found that data and case management software is helpful in eliminating friction in several pain points and 99% of respondents said they gained value from implementing a software solution to help with managing cases and clients.

It's time to get rid of the old clunky platforms and upgrade to a smooth, simple system for heightened security, easier access to information, and automated reporting technology.
Keep reading to find out how case management software can help soothe these pains.

Improve Security

Being able to track your clients and their progress over time is important for nonprofit organizations, and ensuring that client information is protected is crucial. If your organization works with personal and sensitive client data then security is extremely important.

Some organizations may work with clients for a long period of time, and these clients will no doubt work with different members of your organization over time. Utilizing case and client management software will allow you to securely track these working relationships and histories so that no important details and information are lost along the way.

Not only are case management solutions useful for tracking long-term clients, but they also help you keep track of intermittent client work as well. Recurring clients that come and go frequently can be difficult to track, but with the right software, data and information is stored safely and securely so you don’t need to recreate files or hunt down important, previously documented data.  

A case management system like CharityTracker is a great way to implement security. CharityTracker is HIPAA compliant and uses 256-bit SSL security, the same security that online banks use, to ensure that all of your clients and their data are protected. Improve security with 24/7/365 monitoring and data encryption that is backed up and monitored daily.

Implementing case and client management platforms is a perfect way to provide a safe and secure location to store all of your contacts and billing information, case notes, appointment scheduling and history, and client communications.

Digitally Access Information and Refer Clients Instantly  

Access Information

In a world of remote access, case management software provides users with digital, online access from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Research conducted by NAPCO suggested that 79% of case management users claimed that the software helped ease work tasks by providing easier access to data. With online access, staff can immediately update information after meetings and appointments with clients to ensure that all of their information is accurate and up to date.

Case management software improves efficiency with automated scheduling for reminders and appointments, while simultaneously increasing productivity and keeping staff on track by providing access to automated updates and reports.

Make Referrals

Quickly assess client needs to make better evaluations and referrals when necessary. You can use case management platforms to connect with other organizations in your area and collaborate on providing support and assistance to those who need it most. This allows users to work alongside one another with available resources to make better evaluations and meet the needs of the community.

If you’re working with a client and you don’t have enough resources, a case management system can make it easy to work with others and request additional help. During long term recovery efforts, referrals also reduce the risk of duplication as case management systems provide a shared environment for you to gain better insight to where your clients have been referred, or who they were referred from, and where your resources have been allocated in the community.

Efficient and Comprehensive Reporting

Results of the NAPCO research indicated that 52% of case management software users found that automation helped reduce the effort and time needed for report production.

Your data should express your work and showcase how your efforts enhance your client's abilities and progress toward their goals and objectives. Rich data visualizations help you understand the actions of your clients and participants, optimize programs and workflows, demonstrate outcomes, and ultimately attract more funding.

Data proves impact, and having complex, hard-to-read information or data sets can make proving your efforts and effectiveness a challenge. With case management software you can prove your collective impact to your most important stakeholders, funders and volunteers.

Great case management systems offer different data views and generated reports, saving you time to work on other tasks so you don’t have to worry about creating visualizations. CharityTracker lets you easily customize your data for accurate reports of assistance and impressive outputs to show your accountability and efforts to your clients.

CharityTracker’s powerful technology and insights provide you with access to data and analytics at your fingertips. Outcome-based reporting allows you to track and analyze service delivery, client demographics and time spent working with clients on projects.

With CharityTracker, you can make data-fueled and informed decisions, report on outcomes, increase collaboration and transparency, and uncover your best practices. Visit CharityTracker today to learn more about how a case management platform can help improve your nonprofit organization.

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