Your data is safe and secure with our HIPAA-compliant solution. Here's how ...

ISO 27001, FISMA, PCI Compliance

In english, we host your data in one of the most highly sophisticated data centers in the world. Even the federal government gives it two thumbs up (FISMA). Our hosting services are provided by Amazon Web Services. For a complete overview of their security standards, visit

256-bit SSL Security Certificates

Whenever information is entered or viewed in CharityTracker it is encrypted during communications with the server. This ensures there is no eavesdropping with your connection. This same type of security is used by banks, credit cards companies and the federal government.

Every agency must be approved

Before an agency is granted access, the Network Administrator must approve their use of CharityTracker. This security practice adds a human layer of approval between the signup process and accessing CharityTracker. In addition, before any agent can use CharityTracker, they must electronically sign their agreement to the Terms of Service

Unique login information

Every agent who accesses CharityTracker has a unique username and password. Sharing login information is strictly prohibited as defined in our Terms of Service. In addition, we do not allow an agent’s browser to store their password.

Daily backups of your data

Every CharityTracker network is backed up daily to multiple (redundant) servers in multiple locations of the United States. You never have to worry about us losing your data and you can request an export of your data anytime. You own it.

Do you have any questions or concerns about the security of CharityTracker?

No problem, we'll be more than happy to ease any worries. Shoot us an email anytime or give us a call at 1.888.764.0633.