Prepare, Respond, And Recover From Disasters With A Database That Moves As Fast As You.

Better serve your community with a disaster case management software that supports long- and short-term solutions for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.





When disaster strikes, you’re ready to answer. 

When disaster strikes, organizations like yours are often among the first to step forward with compassion and courage, offering vital assistance and support to those who are suffering. We want to help you on this mission. 

Use CharityTracker to:

Quickly Access Information to Connect With the Community and Other Organizations

Time matters. Instantly connect with agencies within your network to assess assistance, track programs or refer to ensure that your clients receive the care and attention they need during this challenging time. 

Stay with your client from start to finish

Never lose track of how you’ve made an impact. Build out specific measurement points for each client to see your impact from start to finish. With easy-to-use reporting, you gain an instant snapshot of how your organization’s resources have made a difference. 

Make Reporting a Breeze

Take the guesswork out of the equation.  Measure your impact by creating and tracking outcomes. Through customizable assessments, you’re able to collect data that shows changes over time and stimulate a lasting impact to provide more funds being allocated to your organization. 

We know emergencies, natural disasters, and urgent crises aren’t predictable. That’s why CharityTracker provides access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can mobilize your team of change makers at any time, anywhere. 


Meet Needs

Instantly broadcast area-wide bulletins and alerts to respond to immediate needs while pursuing long-term solutions.


Improve Service Delivery

Gain a better understanding of individual health and social assistance history to reduce duplication of efforts and keep track of all of your efforts.


Go Paperless 

Securely upload files and documents directly to the client’s profile, and with our Digital Signature Capture, and go completely paperless with agreements, forms, releases, or anywhere signatures are required.


Perfect Nonprofit Collaboration Platform. Using CharityTracker has been a vital step forward for making local emergency financial assistance agencies, which always have limited funds compared to need, able to utilize their funds wisely. My favorite thing was that Simon Solutions gave such personalized service and worked with us on cost effective customizations that enabled us to track funding sources effectively and to keep that information private to our staff.

B.M. Jann S.
Director of Operations

Affordable pricing starting at just $20/month per user

You get a ton of value without breaking the budget.




$20 per month

  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Case Notes & Assistance
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Alerts & Bulletins
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Reports


$40 per month

  • CC-Pricing--Red-Plus Everything Included in Basic
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Measure Outcomes
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Upload Documents
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Referrals & Client IDs


$60 per month

  • CC-Pricing--Red-Plus Everything Included in Plus
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Assessments
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Remote/Kiosk Intake
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Changes Over Time Reports

Learn more about why our trusted case management solution is already being used in over 2000 communities by requesting a free demo. 

The most affordable & approachable case management CRM

Start effectively tracking, measuring, and reporting your efforts in minutes. Gain the visibility you deserve and keep an eye on your organization to help your clients from anywhere.

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The software is so user-friendly that I have cut my paperwork time in half, at least! The networking with other agencies has definitely enabled us to ensure we do not duplicate services and helped increase capacity. The reporting feature is customizable and extremely professional looking. I do not have to create my own for board meetings, etc.”