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Community. Neighbors. Together. More than me. More than you. Us. We. Let’s examine what happens when we walk over time with FAITH in one another.

Community Development

Bring It!

Being out front in community work is hard. The visionary activator makes things happen, but not without enormous demands. Is it worth it? Why keep...

Leadership Development

Attitudinal Current

Wise leaders are aware and know how to attitude correct (self) and attitude influence (others). Do you know the flow and impacts of your attitudes?

Community Development

Crisis, Convergence, and Concentration

What if you shifted into crisis response on a significant problem in your community? Convergence can concentrate availability of work and resources.

Leadership Development

Start Small

A small hiccup can have results that are more like a bad stomach virus if you go too big too fast. It's "Go big, or go home!" right? Not so much.

Leadership Development

Overcome Impossible

Frustrated by nothing changing? To bring shifts to your community, someone needs to see what others don't and risk what others won't. I dare you.

Community Development

Journey to Believing

Meeting people where they are and being on a journey with them from an underground space is an art. It necessitates a safe atmosphere, not forceful.


Speed of Focus

Focus: center of activity or attention; point of concentration; condition permitting clear perception or understanding; adjustment for distinct...


What You See (Part 2): The Solution

The expansiveness of solution possibilities can be a powerful source of ideas. But you have to see them to unleash them. Cultivate seeing a new way.


What You See (Part 1): The Problem

In all our efforts to find solutions for our problems, perhaps our greatest challenge is seeing the problem itself. It's quite the puzzle.



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