Your Fast And Reliable Social Work Case Management System

We recognize the incredible impact that social workers have on people's lives and are honored to support them in their life-changing work, providing a personalized approach to help their clients navigate complex systems and access the necessary resources to live their best lives and thrive.





Manage all of your cases and assistance with ease in a single, centralized social work database. 

Make your job easier and less stressful by simplifying care coordination, and organizing case notes and relevant information about your clients' needs. With us on your team, you can focus on what really matters - providing the best care possible for those who need it!

Use CharityTracker to:

Provide Exceptional Care Through Collaboration

Ensure that all of your clients receive the support they need to thrive by providing the necessary resources both internally and externally between programs through our partner network. Allowing you to easily refer clients to other agencies while maximizing your impact and caring power in the community.

Let CharityTracker be your digital filing cabinet.

We’re here to make your life easier by reducing manual work and paper trails. Securely upload files and documents directly to the client’s profile, and with our Digital Signature Capture, and go completely paperless with agreements, forms, releases, or anywhere signatures are required all in one database.

Make Reporting a Breeze.

Take the guesswork out of the equation.  Measure your impact by creating and tracking outcomes. Through customizable assessments, you’re able to collect data that shows changes over time and stimulate a lasting impact to provide more funds being allocated to your organization. 

We understand the many hats you must wear as social workers to help your clients thrive, not just survive. We’ll grow alongside you as you increase your caring power and community impact, with a case management system that lets you focus on your clients to measure real-world impact, not just data.

Human Services Software to Help You Do More Than Scratch the Surface

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Safe and Secure Database 

Store your important information in a database compliant with all federal, state, and local requirements regarding client confidentiality and data security


Increase Visibility

Gain visibility over all client data to effectively measure results, generate reports, and develop custom assessments.


Report Outcomes from Start to Finish

Collect and deliver timely, credible, quality data about services and clients. Use simple data entry processes to build out reports that provide key metrics and insights.


We have been using CharityTracker for over 6 years, and it has changed clients’ lives,” said Cathy E., vice president of community impact. “We have a lot of generational poverty in our area. By breaking the cycle and working with all the agencies in our area and knowing where they’ve gone for help and what they need, we can better change their lives.

Affordable pricing starting at just $20/month per user

You get a ton of value without breaking the budget.




$20 per month

  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Case Notes & Assistance
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Alerts & Bulletins
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Reports


$40 per month

  • CC-Pricing--Red-Plus Everything Included in Basic
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Measure Outcomes
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Upload Documents
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Referrals & Client IDs


$60 per month

  • CC-Pricing--Red-Plus Everything Included in Plus
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Remote Intake Link
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Appointment Scheduling
  • CC-Pricing--Gracy-Check Change Over Time Reports

We’re here to make the process easier for everyone involved.

The most affordable & approachable case management CRM

Start effectively tracking, measuring, and reporting your efforts in minutes. Gain the visibility you deserve and keep an eye on your organization to help your clients from anywhere.

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The software is so user-friendly that I have cut my paperwork time in half, at least! The networking with other agencies has definitely enabled us to ensure we do not duplicate services and helped increase capacity. The reporting feature is customizable and extremely professional looking. I do not have to create my own for board meetings, etc.”