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Reduction in paperwork time


 Average Reduction in Duplication


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A simple solution with rich technology

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Case Intake

Record demographic community data to effectively manage assistance, documents, and goals while maintaining individualized care.

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Kiosk/Remote Intake

Give your team their precious time back. Save time by letting your clients perform their own intake and request assistance digitally from anywhere.

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Client IDs + Barcode Scanning

With barcode integration for customers and assistance, you can shorten the line to serve clients quickly and cut down on data entry.

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Create & Track Outcomes

Record every interaction with your clients to measure your impact and outcomes and establish a path to self-sustainability.

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Customizable Assessments

Collect meaningful data and show your impact to funders with customizable assessments.

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Changes Over Time Report

Use the Changes Over Time Report to analyze your programs’ performance and track clients and their goals.

When you succeed, we all succeed


  • We have been using CharityTracker for 12 years and it has changed clients’ lives. We have a lot of generational poverty in our area. By breaking the cycle and working with all the agencies in our area and by knowing where they’ve been for assistance and what they need, we can better change their lives.”

  • CharityTracker has more than paid for itself this year,” explained Lee Ann Akers of Leighton Baptist Church. “The money we have saved by not paying out to people abusing the system more than justifies the cost. I highly recommend it to anyone that provides charity assistance."

  • Being able to produce meaningful reports for all of our various grantors is critical for us. The nimbleness of Charity Tracker’s reporting system makes it very easy for us to build and produce all of the various reports needed for evaluation purposes for each grant. The thoroughness of the search option is great, and it reduces the chance of double entries.”

  • Perfect Nonprofit Collaboration Platform. Using CharityTracker has been a vital step forward for making local emergency financial assistance agencies, which always have limited funds compared to need, able to utilize their funds wisely.”

  • Using Charity Tracker has helped bring our department into the 21st century. Being able to easily search and add clients is wonderful. I like the simple fillable format and the fact that you don't have to have all of the information to save a new client but can instead add supplemental information as it comes in."

  • It has helped us be better stewards of our benevolent funds. I like being connected to other agencies so I can know what kind of assistance a client has received and how often. It helps us decide if we are helping them or enabling them.”

All the features you need and more


  • Easy Reporting

  • Go Paperless

  • Streamlined Communication



Easy Reporting

Easily prove your value to stakeholders and funders with instant and accurate reporting through the Assessments feature. Build specific measurement checkpoints for each client to track progress from start to finish. Easy-to-use reporting provides an instant view of how your organization’s efforts and resources are making a difference in the community. 



Go Paperless

Simplify your sharing with digital documents that can easily be sent and shared among other agencies to reduce duplicated efforts. Access client documents from anywhere to spend less time digging through paperwork and more time serving clients. CT is more than just secure storage; we’re a smart, seamless way to optimize your case management.



Streamlined Communication

Reduce data silos and fragmented care between partner agencies in your network. Connect with organizations and the community for instant and effective support. Post client requests, bulletins, or alerts to notify your staff of the latest updates in real time. Maximize your impact by referring clients you’re unable to assist to other agencies within your partner network.

See why CharityTracker is the best CRM solution for your business or organization.

The most affordable & approachable case management CRM

Start effectively tracking, measuring, and reporting your efforts in minutes. Gain the visibility you deserve and keep an eye on your organization to help your clients from anywhere.

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The software is so user-friendly that I have cut my paperwork time in half, at least! The networking with other agencies has definitely enabled us to ensure we do not duplicate services and helped increase capacity. The reporting feature is customizable and extremely professional looking. I do not have to create my own for board meetings, etc.”