Collaborate in Real Time to Stop "Double Dipping"

Would you like to see if someone was already helped at another church or agency across the street?

CharityTracker can give you a reason to say "Yes!" to someone seeking assistance and is trusted by ministries and churches in over 2,000+ cities across the country.

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This software is very beneficial to our Personal Ministries department and is used daily in our office to check on Food pantry assists given as well as for new client information.  We use it every time someone applies for assistance to determine if they have already received their yearly allotment and also on intake days to inform clients of their eligibility before they begin filling out the applications. Charity tracker enables our department to safeguard the effective use of our resources to meet the needs of our community because we can easily access the information regarding how we have assisted a client in the past as well as important information on the resources which have already been provided by other local agencies.

Loretta Y.
Ministries Director
As a clearing house, you are the perfect organization to share assistance and start community collaboration.