Homeless Management Information System

All the proven benefits of CT with additional coverage for those in a community with Homeless Management Information System needs.

Create a stronger safety net for people in crisis with our responsive service delivery that allows you to make informed decisions with improved cooperation and data-driven collaboration.

CharityTracker is used by agencies in over 2,000+ cities across the United States. It keeps track of 3.5 million cases, and over 10 million assistance records. To date, CharityTracker is keeping track of almost $300 million in giving.

Bed Management
All HUD Reports (ESG CAPER, APR, System Performance Measures, LSA, and Data Quality CSV Exports
Assessments - SPDATs/VI-SPDATS
Project/Program Enrollments
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What is the fundamental goal?

Improve care coordination for the homeless with CharityTracker HMIS user-friendly and high-quality automated records system that expedites client intake procedures, improves referral accuracy, and supports the collection of quality information that can be used for program improvement and service-planning for service providers.

CharityTracker HMIS is compliant with all federal, state, and local requirements regarding client/consumer confidentiality and data security. CT HMIS is designed to collect and deliver timely, credible, quality data about services and homeless person or persons at risk of becoming homeless.

CharityTracker giving us the ability to run reports, for individual agencies or for the entire CoC has been vital. We are an agency who serve both the vulnerable and homeless in our community and we serve as the lead agency for homelessness for the county. The ability to view and cancel gives new users confidence to ‘look’ through the system. For folks that only have to input new and/or update data, the users feel confident because the software is not written in ‘computerese’!

HMIS Trainer
CharityTracker HMIS is designed to work seamlessly with CT. Both HMIS and non-HMIS agencies can share relevant information in one system.