Tools & Resources Nonprofits Need To Increase Donor Funding

Discover our top five tips for using case management to help leverage donor funding and improve your overall operations.

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Fundraising is one of the most important and stressful tasks for non-profit organizations. Thriving, long-term success is all about organization and building trust with your funders and donors. Tracking reports and measuring your impact shouldn’t be a hassle.

Having the right platform in place helps provide complete visibility of all your agencies' and organizations' files in one spot, allowing you to focus on clients and measure real-world impact and transformation from start to finish.

Do you have the right resources in place to increase your donor funding and partner allocation? Continue reading to learn our top five tips for using case management to help leverage donor funding and improve your overall operations.

Plan Ahead

1. Plan Out Initiatives and Goals for the Year Ahead:

Case management tools and planning initiatives help you outline your goals and work capacity to easily create a plan of action. Having a tool that helps clearly outline your vision and fundraising strategy is a great way to plan for the year ahead. It also is a great way to connect with donors and volunteers to introduce a storyline for your organization and show your strategic plan to help build vital connections.

Creating a plan with definitive goals produces a sense of urgency for your donors and helps them understand their role in your organization’s mission. It helps them see where their funding is going and how it will be allocated in the community.

You can use case management and planning strategies to drive consistency within your daily operations and further your organization’s impact. Planning resources help define a clear path for you and your organization while highlighting areas for attention and donor relations.

Improve Relationships with Communication and Accountability

2. Increase Organization and Visibility with Accountability:

Gain the visibility and clarity your company needs by instilling accountability within your organization through a transparent case management platform. Initiate accountability within your organization and among your clients to smooth the process of managing assets.

Accountability is crucial for your funders as it tracks donations and keeps your assets organized. A case management platform makes proving accountability simple, with your database at your fingertips for quick and easy reference.

Nobody wants to donate to something when they aren’t sure exactly what their money is going towards. Having a clearly defined path of where their funding is going and ending up will help your organization track funds and bring peace of mind to your funders as they watch the impact of their donations.

Maintaining accountability ensures that there are no errors when it comes to keeping track of requests or assistance provided and allocating funds or assets correctly.

3. Streamline Communication for Instant Results:

Implementing community engagement encourages a channel of communication with your community of funders, volunteers, and donors to better understand what factors drive attention and support to your organization.

Communicating with your donors, volunteers, and funders will help you gain insight into what influences funding and make better decisions to encourage incoming assets and donations.

Communication is key to building a sense of community and trusts with your board of funders, donors, and volunteers. Make an effort to better understand what your donors are looking for and show them the important facts they need to make decisions through having all of your partner client’s information in one easy-to-use platform.

Involving donors in your organization keeps morale high and encourages them to be more proactive in their donations. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, a study showed that Network for Good was able to retain an average of 12% more donors than before by communicating with their donors across multiple channels.

Conversely, organizations that scaled back on communication and limited it to one channel saw their donor retention rates fall by an average of 31%.

Some case management resources, like CharityTracker, can make it safe and secure for clients to upload files and documents directly to their files, so you never have to play phone and email tag again. CharityTracker even lets you enhance communication with clients through alerts, bulletins, client SMS broadcasts and notifications.

Incorporating communication and accountability creates a sense of collective impact as your team works together with clients to create a seamless experience from start to finish.

Make an Impact with Data Visualization

4. Let AI Do The Work

Increase visibility and gain access to more funding with data visualizations that showcase the results of your program’s impact and maintain accountability across funding. Data visualizations provide accurate outputs and demographic totals on clients you’re serving, allowing you to easily track clients, analyze performance and meet goals.

Brain Rules author Dr. John Medina explained that adding photos and visualizations to your text increases the chances that your donors will remember information. Articles and campaigns with infographics and visualizations receive 72% more engagement and views than those without.

Data input and retrieval should be easy, safe, convenient, and user-friendly. You should be able to access accurate data easily, including insights on performance, funding, and areas that need attention. Go paperless with comprehensive reports.

With CharityTracker, you can create, track, and report on client activities and secure more funding. CharityTracker’s API opens up a world of possibilities for integration and data visualizations, providing rich, detailed reports that can be accessed 24/7 to showcase your impacts and outcomes to impress your board of funders.  

“The reporting feature is customizable and extremely professional looking. I do not have to create my own for board meetings,” explained Nathaniel R., Office Clerk & First Call for Help Representative.

5. Prove Your Impact to Funders Instantly

Whether it's a spreadsheet, flexible format, or data visualization, CharityTracker lets you export your customizable reports to CSV/Excel to show your board of directors, funders, volunteers, and potential funders. Access all of your important information, documents, and files from one place instantly and from anywhere.

Give meaning to your data and showcase your impacts with a complete view of your efforts along the way. For example, the Changes Over Time report allows users to analyze program performance by tracking clients and their goals from start to finish. Say goodbye to the days of multiple spreadsheets and clunky software. And spend less time digging through stacks of papers and more time serving. Access client documents from anywhere with a case management system.

Are you equipped with the right tools and resources to nurture successful fundraising?
With CharityTracker, you can leverage increased funding and make a collective impact by creating a clear path for your organization to work alongside donors,  building a strong relationship with your clients through communication, tracking client usage and accountability of information, and presenting strong data visualizations of measured impacts impress current and prospective funders. Learn more about how CharityTracker can help increase your funding 

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