3 Ways Churches Benefit from Case Management Software

Discover how churches can enhance their community impact and streamline operations with the help of case management software.

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How Churches Can Benefit From Case Management Software 

If you’ve fallen victim to duplication of services, broken paper trails, and a lack of visibility, it might be time to consider adopting a case management system. Case management platforms help non-profit organizations like your church seamlessly manage all efforts and aspects of client information and crucial fundraising initiatives.

Simon Solutions created CharityTracker after recognizing the need to support the multiple communities affected by the coastal disaster of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. From tragedy came CharityTracker, an affordable, easy-to-use web-based system for churches and other agencies to share assistance records and important information with each other. 

Below are three tips on how churches can benefit from implementing a case management system. 

Reduce Duplicated Efforts for Increased Resourcefulness

Managing your schedules, assets, and time is a crucial part of keeping your team organized and focused on priorities and jobs to be done. 

Unfortunately, without a proper system and case management platform in place, you could fall victim to duplication of services, a common mistake that can result in wasted resources and a negative perspective of your non-profit faith-based organization. Duplicated services and efforts occur when you accidentally perform tasks that overlap with one another, whether it's a scheduling issue or distributing resources to the same person twice.  

Tackling multiple clients and cases simultaneously can be problematic when your software isn’t equipped for organizing high levels of data and information. As a faith-based non-profit organization, resources can dry up quickly as you work to provide support in your community. 

By using case management software you can keep track of what aid is being provided by your church and guarantee that your time and resources are being used efficiently. CharityTracker’s assistance tab is the perfect way to keep track of past clients by making it easy to record every time you’ve provided assistance so that nothing is duplicated and resources aren’t wasted. 

"CharityTracker has more than paid for itself this year," explained BM Church Secretary Lee Ann A. "The money we have saved by not paying out to people ‘scamming the system’ more than justifies the cost. I highly recommend it to anyone that provides charity assistance."

You can easily prevent unintentional duplication of services by implementing a system that helps you ensure that nothing overlaps. Manage your time wisely and ensure that there are no mistakes with scheduling or asset management by using CharityTracker to ensure you’re never falling short with duplicated services. 

Connect and Communicate Effectively 

Ensure that the right resources get into the right hands at the right time. Reach your clients anytime with important meetings or appointments with broadcasts, bulletins, and alerts. 

Time matters. In times of large crises and natural disasters, effective communication and coordination are essential. Reduce inconsistency by conveying information between your church and other churches, organizations, and agencies in an effective way. With CharityTracker, you can mobilize resources instantly, post client requests and notify staff of the latest updates in real-time, and effectively communicate with clients via bulletins and alerts. 

Sometimes when working collaboratively, a lack of consistency emerges when conveying information between different agencies, organizations, and churches working together to provide support. 

You can use a case management platform to act as your community connector to referrals and improve your lines of communication. Having community connections to referrals is crucial for faith-based non-profit organizations.

If you can’t provide the assistance your clients need, it doesn’t mean you can’t help them. If you’re working in a collaborative network and find that you’re unable to provide much-needed assistance, case management software like CharityTracker can easily refer clients to an agency in your partner network, maximizing your impact and caring power in the community. 

Charity Tracker is about collecting data and sharing it collaboratively within the community. We built CharityTracker to help agencies and non-profit organizations like your church enhance networking capabilities by enabling you to connect with other agencies in your community that share your goals to work collaboratively toward change. 

Take a Holistic Approach to Report Outcomes

Implement a case management system to form a better understanding of your impact and easily prove your value to your stakeholders with instant and accurate reporting through the assessment feature. Use the assessments feature to access valuable context to help you report outcomes and make informed solution-based decisions.

The assessment feature identifies specific measurement points for your clients so you can better observe progress from start to finish. Go paperless with case management software that makes reporting a breeze so you can digitally and securely upload files and documents directly to your client’s profile. Gain visibility into how your church is making a difference with easy-to-use reporting features that show the allocation and usage of resources. You can scale your church’s development by using report outcomes and demographics to learn what drives your church’s community to act and discover insights into what they value. 

Whether it's a spreadsheet, flexible format, or data visualization, CharityTracker lets you export rich, customizable reports to CVS/Excel to show your board of directors, funders, volunteers, and potential funders. 

By leveraging report outcomes, you can better understand the human elements that spark change in your church and adjust your organization's workflow to better connect with your demographics and create a lasting impact.  

With case management and CharityTracker, you can benefit from a trusted system that removes the guesswork by reducing scheduling and appointment issues, allows broadcasting and referrals with instant bulletins and alerts, and enhances reporting processes for richer insights. 

Interested in learning more about how case management software like CharityTracker can benefit your church? Request a free live demo today to get started.

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